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    Find Your Job Now is a Proof of Concept that was commissioned to me by Quantum 3 Media, an online marketing firm specializing in Career and Education-based lead generation initiatives. The idea was to gather registration information from users who were seeking new career opportunities. We would supply search results based on location and job preference using the Indeed API, while also feeding their user information into the Q3M database.


    The planning and design phase of the project consisted of several phases; initial requirements gathering, analysis of technical needs, wireframe and user-flow development, and multiple rounds full-scale screenshots.


    The most difficult aspect of this project came during the conceptualization phase, as I was required to learn and use technologies that I was not yet familiar with. For instance, the PHP/cURL data-pass required a significant amount of correspondence with the tech team at Q3M, as well as a good deal of research on my end, as this was the first contract that required such functionality.

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    Find Your Degree Now

    The main requirement for this contract was for someone to manage the design and front-end development of a lead generation portal. The concept was a content-driven site that would provide resources for those looking for higher education opportunities. The site would have a broad demographic range, such as Single parents, young unskilled workers, and those looking to get their graduate degrees. Although the site was content heavy, the main call-to-action was a multi-page survey that collected a number of datapoints from the users, such as geographic information, military status, and educational and professional goals.

    Technical needs and Challenges

    One of the main requirements of the stakeholders was that the site should look and function well regardless of the context, so naturally a responsive framework was used to allow for cross-device and cross-browser compatibility. One of the main challenges, however, was ensuring that the paginated survey was simple and easy to use on all devices.

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    Quantum 3 Media

    After several successful projects with Quantum 3 Media, they decided to do a complete redesign of their corporate website. Their previous site was a pre-made WordPress Template that was purchased in a Template Marketplace, but they wanted a Theme that was a bit more customized to their needs. They were also adamant about using a responsive framework to ensure cross-device compatibility. The original site had a significant amount of content that was spread out over a number of pages. It was my job to condense these pages and display the same information in a more cohesive way.


    The site was built on Wordpress with a custom Theme, Less CSS, jQuery, PHP, and the Skeleton CSS framework, which was used to achieve a responsive design.

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